Motorcycle Insurance

Burns Insurance Group offers the coverage you need to get your motorcycle out on the road in Connecticut. Here’s the basic info on what we offer and what you need to get on the road!

What’s the law in Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut requires motorcycle insurance in order to register your vehicle with the state DMV. The law is uniform across the state and while it mirrors Connecticut’s car insurance requirements, there are differences. Next time the roads of the Constitution State call, make sure you’re covered by Burns Insurance Group!

Coverage Information

  • Connecticut State Law requires that the operator of a motorcycle have liability insurance before they can register their vehicle. The minimum required for this insurance covers bodily injury, injury of multiple persons, and property damage. Your insurance must have this basic coverage before you are able to register, and legally ride, your motorcycle.
  • Types of Vehicles that must be covered are defined as having two or three wheels, no enclosed driver seat, and greater than 2 brake horsepower. This covers a wide array of vehicles under the umbrella term “motorcycle.” This can also include scooters, mopeds, and dirt bikes depending on their horsepower. Don’t take the risk, give us a call today and we will help inform you about your vehicle’s insurance requirements.
  • Optional Requirements in Connecticut go beyond basic liability. Liability insurance, as required by the state, does not cover damage to your vehicle or person—only to others and their property. We highly recommend additional coverage that protects not just your motorcycle, but also yourself. Collision and Comprehensive insurance protect your motorcycle from costs resulting from a crash and non-crash related damages respectively. Medical payment coverages help with your costs resulting from a crash. These additional coverages are highly recommended.

Before you hit the highways of the Nutmeg State, make sure you're covered! Call Burns Insurance Group today!