Health Insurance

Health insurance is of utmost importance. It’s what allows people to get the healthcare that they need in Connecticut without spending the full cost on their own. Premiums are paid monthly in exchange for more affordable care. At Burns Insurance Group, we’re dedicated to finding the right type of insurance to meet your needs.

Health Insurance Options

Coverage should ensure that all your healthcare needs are met, including visits to the doctor, prescriptions, and any emergency medical care that may be needed throughout the year.

When you shop for insurance, you want to pay close attention to the various expenses:

  • Monthly premiums
  • Copays
  • Deductibles
  • Prescription costs

All of these expenses will impact the total cost of healthcare throughout the year. It’s how the various policies can vary from one another. To avoid making mistakes in getting the wrong coverage, it’s best to work with an insurance agent. This allows you to have someone to turn to so that you can ask questions and understand the expenses more effectively.

As you explore the insurance coverage options, look at who you can go to. HMO policies require you to go to a doctor within a specific network. PPO policies allow you to go to any doctor, regardless of network. HMOs are, generally, more expensive, though there are plenty of benefits to choosing a PPO as well.

Getting the Care You Need

There’s nothing worse than being sick or injured and being unable to get the medical attention that you need for fear that it’s going to be too expensive. Unfortunately, too many people avoid getting care because they don’t have health insurance that they can rely on. When you’re in Connecticut, you can get a policy that’s built to meet your needs.

You don’t have to find a policy on your own. With the help of Burns Insurance Group, an agent can walk you through the necessary steps to get.