Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Whether you're sailing around the Long Island Sound, heading down the Saugatuck River, or casting a fishing line in one of Connecticut's numerous lakes owning a boat is an excellent investment. At Burns Insurance Group, we want to help you protect your new watercraft. While it's true, the state of Connecticut doesn't require insurance to register boats, and that saves hundreds of dollars per year, it does nothing to protect you from liability. In fact, if you're a homeowner and business owner, one boating accident could cost you everything.

Do I Need the Extra Expense?

We get it, you're an experienced boater and would never get in an accident. However, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, there were 4,291 accidents in 2017, and along with 2,629 injuries and 658 deaths, they cost $46 million in damages. These statistics might sound small, given the millions of boating excursions around the country each year, but, even the safest boaters have accidents. With an insurance policy, you can reduce out-of-pocket costs for damages, medical claims, and additional issues that can arise, such as:

  • Towing charges
  • Craft recovery
  • Fuel recovery (Spill cleanup following an accident)
  • Water rescue
  • Property damage (to another vehicle or land)
  • Ice damage

Doesn't My Homeowner's Insurance Cover the Boat?

Yes and no. Homeowner's policies vary by state, company, and the size of your craft. Even if you have coverage with your homeowner's policy, it can leave you underinsured. Always check your policy, because larger boats, such as yachts over 27 inches may not be eligible for coverage under a homeowner's policy.

We offer basic liability and full coverage policies that will keep you navigating the rivers, lakes, and oceans with peace of mind. Call or walk into the Burns Insurance Group Agency today and receive a free policy quote for your boat.